Welcome to this simple interface to process your XML schemas into Concept Mapping Files that can be used in the BioCASe wrapper.

After processing the schema save the result XML into the /biocase/configuration/templates/cmf folder to make it available for local mapping.

See the wiki page http://ww3.bgbm.org/bps2/GenerateCmFiles for more details on this.

Please have in consideration the following things before processing your schema:

  1. Be sure that your schema is valid, for example trying it with XML Spy.
  2. Make sure you have a targetnamespace defined! The wrapper needs this to identify your schema.
  3. Every concept (tree leaf in the schema) that you want to make available for mapping must have a simple type defined.
  4. Upload the schema to some webserver so that it is accessible remotely

Parse XML schema

This service makes use of a TAPIR PyWrapper installation at the Botanical Garden in Berlin.
If the service is temporarily down or if you have any other problem please contact support@biocase.org.